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Same happened for the medical exam. I had my I approved and we’re now on the I stage. Yesterday my wife received a letter scheduling an appointment to do a biometric at our local uscis office Would this be for the final interview or are there an specific letter for this? If and when they consider H1B reform on its own , there would be much more focus on the details of the bill. People like Ron Hira and Sanders cannot overplay their hand. In any case please tell your friend to join IV and contribute to IV Kindly help me develop a model. I will send this letter over the weekend and also post over here.

How to get from Jersey Shore to Virginia Beach by plane, taxi, bus, car or train

Each rest area also includes a Sunoco gas station with a small convenience store, with gas price signs posted about half a mile 0. Each rest stop has a separate parking area for cars and trucks, and some have a dedicated bus parking area, Wi-Fi and a gift shop as well. The service area closed for good on June 4, These were closed in the early s.

Single’s Mixer for the discerning, professional singles of New Jersey. Meetups will be hosted in upscale restaurant and lounge venues to be announced weekly and monthly. Venues include, music, wine tasting, cocktails and gourmet foods.

Travel 6 Vegan Hotspots on the Jersey Shore New Jersey is all about the beach life, but a plethora of vegan restaurants prove that veg food is easily accessible and delicious on the Jersey Shore. Seed to Sprout New Jersey coastline towns recognize the popularity of healthier dairy-free options, which means vegan restaurants are popping up more than ever. Start with a mixed green salad or black bean soup, choose from a main dish such as enchiladas and tostadas, and end the night with a custard dessert like Coconut Mango Lime.

Close to the eatery, you can visit art galleries, walk along a mile-long boardwalk, and watch a selection of summer movies on the beach. Seed to Sprout is BYO, so pack a vegan-friendly wine or beer to complement your pizza. The restaurant also has a make-your-own burger or pizza with three burger options black bean, soy, and lentil , six pizza toppings, and a menu of drinks including natural sodas without high-fructose corn syrup.

Good Karma Vegan Cafe Make a pit stop in Red Bank, a small town with an abundance of food options, clothing boutiques, and a waterfront view of the Navesink River. Similar to Belmar, the vegan spots are hangouts for Jersey Shore citizens rather than upscale destination restaurants. The eatery also has a breakfast menu with vegan selections like doughnuts, granola, Belgian waffles, tofu scramble, and organic fair-trade coffee.

Located next to Avon-by-the-Sea, vegetarians can find options for lunch and dinner at Twisted Tree Cafe , including salads, hummus, soup, wraps, and sandwiches. Or, you can add hemp, acai, or flax to your pick-me-up smoothie. Earth Pizza A vegetarian restaurant located in the trendy, upscale neighborhood of Red Bank, Earth Pizza serves organic pizza, and you can create your own personal pie using Daiya vegan cheese.

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At the same time, those year-round communities shrank. School enrollments dwindled in Atlantic County as much as 20 percent, as casino workers fled to other jurisdictions and foreclosures continued to be the dubious category at which the region excelled. Sandy pushed a lot of year-rounders over the edge. For second-home owners from Philadelphia and, increasingly, New York City, their Jersey Shore did not materially change; if anything, it became more the Shore that shoobies love, with those pesky locals outnumbered.

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Photo by Jim K. The parkway, which was to connect northern New Jersey with resort areas on the Atlantic coast, was proposed in response to growing congestion on major north-south routes such as US 1, US 9 and NJ Early designs for the parkway from the New Jersey State Highway Department were divided into three units: The NJ 4 Parkway was to have been financed out of annual appropriations for highway building.

With only 18 miles of parkway completed by , financing the remainder of the parkway had become difficult, but officials soon came up with another plan modeled on the successful New Jersey Turnpike. On April 14, , the State Legislature enacted legislation to create the New Jersey Highway Authority, which was to construct, operate and maintain a self-sufficient toll parkway from Paramus to Cape May. The legislation also called for the appointment of eight non-salaried commissioners to oversee the project.

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Since I entered only on Nov my attorney said my 6 years is up to Nov 20th August th — My attorney applied for my H1B extension under normal processing. He requested until Dec th 3 years from current I expiration on the petition instead of Nov th Oct-8th — Attorney received the RFE When the petition for H1B extension was prepared on July, I asked the employer why the period of intended employment is put as Dec th instead of Nov 20th.

The employer replied that its a usual practice to request 3 years of H1B extension and USCIS will only give the maximum possible What’s the RFE Now we got the RFE and it says we have requested for an extension beyond 6 years and for getting that we should have a labor certification pending more than days or an approved I The attorney contacted me and said they are going to send a copy of my I as of Nov 20th and a copy of my immigration port of entry stamp on my passport stamped on nov 20th and request to give the extension.

The attorney mentioned that the I and port of entry seal will help USCIS to determine the maximum period of H1B that can be granted My worry My worry is INS rejecting the petition saying these kinds of changes in dates nov instead of dec cannot be done in the midde of the process and this will be rejected and we need to file again a new petition.

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Storm-driven waves ripped one building in half. A surge of water tore another structure from its foundation, knocking it on its side. But the most striking feature of the wreckage laid out here is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean: The toppled buildings sit on the wrong side of the foot-high concrete-and-rock-seawall that has protected the town for decades, scattered across a stretch of sand that is directly exposed to the sea.

It also highlights why the state appears uniquely vulnerable to rising sea levels, future hurricanes and their attendant storm surges, with federal taxpayers on the hook for many of the costs. New Jersey’s coastal land-use regulations are conspicuously lenient compared to other states, an investigation by The Huffington Post has found — so lenient that authorities permitted the Cabana Club to adopt its precarious location between the seawall and the beach.

Based on current state law — the fruit of a political compromise crafted nearly two decades ago — the club can fully rebuild here, in exactly the same spot. In New Jersey, owners of coastal developments possess unique rights to rebuild in the wake of storms. Whatever nature removes, and at whatever cost to taxpayers, property owners are free to put it all back. Sandy is now testing the merits of the absolute right to rebuild like never before, resurrecting long-expressed concerns that it sets up homeowners and the government for future disasters.

As New Jersey confronts the question of how and where to reconstruct its battered shore, experts warn that the state’s land-use laws are likely to perpetuate what has played out here for decades: Clearly, I hope people realize that’s not a good plan for the future. Since taking office three years ago, Christie and his appointees have altered the composition of the state’s Department of Environmental Protection, which oversees shoreline land use, replacing several credentialed experts in environmental science and coastal management with people drawn from the business world.

The department’s current commissioner, Bob Martin — an advisor to Christie’s campaign, and previously an energy and utility consultant at Accenture — has urged the agency to adopt a “customer service focus” while serving as “a driver for economic growth.

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And if I have to pull you out of the wreckage, you know I’m never gonna let you let me go. Mike crosses a line. Tv Shows – Rated: I guess the shipping is appropriately first Joger and then Jauly. If I summarize, I’ll probably spoil the story.

“We laid in the roses.” Jersey Shore alum Angelina Pivarnick, now a New York-based EMT, was proposed to by her boyfriend, sanitation worker Chris Larangeria, on Friday, January “I followed a.

Worst toys of the year according to W. H 10 Pictures Two clinging jellyfish attacks were reported around Tices Shoal on boaters who had jumped off their boats into shallow water — and immediately gotten stung. One attack was on July 4, the other on July 8. Both boaters were hospitalized and treated with morphine for the excruciating pain. The first occurrence in New Jersey was in So we really don’t know much about them,” Bologna said, noting that most sightings were near Shrewsbury.

It’s going to kill your skin, and it leaves really nasty scarring all over you. That is when they’re really dangerous. Bio-invasion of the clinging jellyfish? Clinging jellyfish are believed to have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean through attaching themselves to commercial ships. The first clinging jellyfish discovered in New Jersey were DNA-matched to a variety common to the China Sea, according to a paper Bologna and fellow researchers authored on the invasion.

Other rare and dangerous jellyfish like the Portuguese man o’ war Physalia physalis , also known as the “blue bottle” or “floating terror,” have been spotted in the past four years on the Jersey Shore. Believed to migrate around the globe on gusts of current, recent sightings of the man-o-war have been on beaches in Lavallette, Wildwood, and Cape May County. The man o’ war, previously spotted in in Harvey Cedars Beach and in Stone Harbor, can cause extreme pain, fever, shock, lung and heart problems, and even death.

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Originally Posted by Bluelitespecial All the women look disgusting all tattooed up? Any word on if The Situation is going to Jail? Sorrentino 36, pleaded to one count of tax evasion, while his brother, Marc Sorrentino, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of aiding in the preparation of a fraudulent tax return. The brothers will be sentenced on April

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Eight strangers, all crazy about their tans, their hair, their boobs, and their muscles. All of them living in a party town for a crazy season of raves and parties. What could go wrong, right? The group argued about absolutely everything, from Sunday dinners to the kinds of dates they’d bring back to the house. Even when the housemates got along, they would find things to argue about. The reality show became a sensational hit for a reason; these partiers would cause a constant ruckus no matter where they were, trucking around drama and drunken antics everywhere they went.

The show aired from Seasons one, three, five, and six took place at a house in Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore, season two took place on North beach in Miami, season four took place in Italy. That means that these Guidos and Guidettes took their ridiculous antics all over the world! Consider how these people made Americans and their MTV viewers look. Some of the most popular quotes were when Deena pointed out that an Italian, “speaks well English.

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