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Mike Leach, the head coach for the Washington State University football team, defended himself online after numerous people pointed out that he tweeted out a clearly-doctored video that aimed to paint former President Barack Obama in a negative light. On Sunday, Leach tweeted out a video that claims to be of the former president giving a speech in Brussles, Beligum in That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign. There is a lot of disagreement on government, so I think that an open discussion is always in order. Maybe we can all learn something. And finally, after hours of being heckled, he admitted it was false. This is the complete speech. I agree that the video was incomplete.

OSU Football: Homecoming Game Against Texas Announced for October 27, 2018

I’ve never really gotten into the Mike Leach story on here, but I have written two articles in the past about the ordeal – they were rather long, so I won’t waste your time with them. Inevitably his son wasn’t very good and didn’t work hard, but felt privileged. He ended up making things up about Leach and using his fathers power to spread the rumors.

Mike Leach is not mad, but mostly he is not crazy. He’s your average Fox News viewer, mostly, but also famous and rich and the best-paid public employee in the state of Washington.

Now, the passing records are starting to fall. Among the attendees is his current starter, a tall and rangy fifth-year senior named Connor Halliday, who has a narrow face and a shock of red hair and, at least at the moment, wears a bemused expression. When he glances around and sees the rest of the room blinking back at him, he stops rummaging for the term and moves on.

The film whirs and pauses and whirs again, until Leach stops once more and launches into an extended description of his excursion to the French Caribbean island of Guadalupe. But from the inside, it is another story; from the inside, the notion of playing for Leach, and particularly playing quarterback for Leach, is rife with its own inherent complexities, with the kinds of inscrutable rites of passage that almost certainly do not exist when being mentored by more conventional football coaches or, for that matter, more conventional human beings.

Given the wide-open direction that football has veered in, you might argue that Leach, who helped popularize the spread offense in his previous job at Texas Tech, has done more to alter the position than any coach in history. He tends to treat his quarterbacks a little bit like fiction writers treat their protagonists: He projects himself onto them, 5 sets them in motion, and puts them through an emotional and physical wringer, and they emerge on the other end having fundamentally changed, most of the time for the better.

If he keeps up the pace he has held through the first eight games of , he could end up delivering the most prolific season, at least in terms of pure numbers, of any college quarterback in the history of the game. Halliday has completed more passes this year than all but four quarterbacks in the FBS have even attempted, and he has thrown for nearly a thousand yards more than anyone else.

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He’ll break out a history lesson unsolicited or offer a unique take on philosophy, play to a crowd and relish in the opportunity to banter a little. When Leach is mad, he’s just as quotable, arguably even more so. Furious with the Cougars’ start, Leach went on a lengthy rant about the quality of competitors he has seen on the field. We’ve power-ranked the greatest hits from the rant with comments.

Check out the greatest hits video below, courtesy of Q13 Fox Sports in Seattle.

Oct 03,  · His offensive system has been adopted by a large number of college teams through his obnoxiously huge coaching tree. The original Leach entry into the.

Instantly stream this video to any device! Preview Videos Loading Video In , only his second season at Washington State, Coach Leach’s team ranked fourth in the nation in passing offense and went to a bowl game for the first time in 10 years. At Texas Tech, his offense led the nation in passing six times in 10 seasons. In this informative, dynamic presentation, Coach Leach teaches you how to structure and efficiently run your practices by focusing on how to better teach and more effectively implement multi-faceted play.

Coach Leach’s ideas will:

Videos: Mike Leach the weatherman, dating expert

AP — Washington State was expected to be in a rebuilding year, picked to finish fifth in the Pac North this season. The Cougars, however, have opened some eyes by posting a record going into their bye week. They squandered a double-digit lead to lose at Southern California.

Mike Leach appeared on “Culotta and the Prince” on ESPN Baton Rouge Friday morning (full audio available below) and, by Leach standards, it was a pretty straightforward interview. Common rabbit trails such as Geronimo, dating, the weather, economic expansion in Micronesia and the like were.

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These tags are automatically generated. The Daily Texan does not guarantee their accuracy. Published on November 4, at He had a quarterback go for more than 5, yards on four separate occasions.

Washington State head coach Mike Leach during an NCAA college football in Corvallis, Ore., on Saturday Oct. 6, (AP Photo/Timothy J. Gonzalez) The Cougars, however, have opened some eyes by posting a record going into their bye week.

Let’s get to the postgame! On the heels of their big upset of top-ranked Texas, the Red Raiders will be hard-pressed to avoid a letdown against the talented Cowboys. But, whether the game is a thriller or dud, the cameras should keep rolling through to the conclusion of the coaches’ postgame news conferences. The potential for fireworks, comedy and lunacy is rich. Who could forget what happened last year, when Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy snapped when it came to a newspaper article about his quarterback?

I’m 41 years old.

Mike Leach’s tweet of doctored Obama video may have cost Washington State $1.6 million

The game will be televised on ESPN starting at The object was to get a treasure. If the captain did a bad job, you could just overthrow him. The swashbuckling coach finally makes his return to the a college football sideline this week. For Mike Leach, his life and career officially reaches full circle when his Washington St.

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Video: 9 glorious minutes of the best quotes from Mike Leach

Email This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. If you consume bowling these days, you are probably familiar with Mike Jakubowski. Once a junior player in Milwaukee, he is now the face of the sport online and on TV.

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Washington State has a big game looming against rival No. But the Apple Cup is next week. A 10th win would also tie the program record for victories in a season. The Cougars also seek to extend a game home winning streak. The Cougars have the best record in the Pac and are a potent mix of offense and defense. The Cougars average yards of offense overall behind quarterback Gardner Minshew, while Arizona is yielding yards per game.

Tate, who shredded the Cougars in a Wildcats victory last season, suffered an ankle injury during the season opener and the injury has lingered.

Mike Leach?

That’s not exactly an original question, because Leach did something similar when he was coaching at Texas Tech. But his answer was at least amusing. We have that and the rest of Leach’s session with the media transcribed below.

Mike Leach is suing sports television giant ESPN and a public relations firm for libel and slander dating back to the former Texas Tech football coach’s firing last December.

We are famous for that type of play. The offense can then incorporate additional elements on the outside to further stretch a defense. Here is a basic look at the Mesh design, taken from the Oklahoma Sooners playbook when Leach was the offensive coordinator: The two inside receivers will cross on the mesh: Notice how, in the playbook design, it is noted that the inside receivers will continue crossing upfield if they read man coverage, but will sit down underneath in soft areas should the defense play zone.

That is what happens here: As Robert Lewis 15 and John Thompson 85 cross, they both read zone coverage, so they cut off their routes and sit in underneath in the soft areas of the zone, looking for the football. Edge pressure forces Falk to climb the pocket, and the two receivers then work toward the outside on the scramble drill. After buying some time by extending the play with his feet, the QB finds Lewis for a nice gain.

Mike Leach’s Tips on Dating