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If you have a boat and are looking to harvest IFQ, or if you have or need deck gear, nets, electronics, etc. We can include an appropriate photo as well. Photos should be sent in jpeg format. Make sure to include your contact information as you would like it posted in the ad. All ads will be deleted after six months unless otherwise requested. Dock Street Brokers reserves the right to refuse any ad submitted and makes no representations or warranties of the accuracy of any classified ads submitted. Contact Seth or arcticicefisheries hotmail. New bearing top and bottom before removed from service.


The number of pumps is important from the stand point that bilge pumps are not reliable because they are electrical devices submerged in water. Contrary to common belief, the pumps themselves rarely fail; its the electrical system from which they operate that is usually the cause of the failure. Because of this, one way to improve reliability is with redundancy, or increasing the number of pumps to decrease the odds of complete loss of pumping ability.

Added to the equation is the fact that the pumps are only as good as the battery system supplying power to them. There’s not much point in having a good pumping system if the battery system is not up to running them for the necessary period of time.

Hook up and go – like new condition with highway trailer. Automatic bilge pump with indicator light Bilge blower Battery tray with switch Stainless steel trumpet horn Jon Shattuck Yacht Broker Brilliant Yachts, Inc. cell/text [email protected]

The main idea came from reading a variety of forums, old Mother Earth News articles, and checking out some old newsgroups. It seemed that others had had some success creating solar heaters in a variery of methods, from something as complex as a custom built metal heat exchanger to something as simple as a bale of irrigation hose sitting on a slope.

I decided to aim somewhat inbetween these extremes and came up with a solar “panel” consisting of a 4’x4′ plywood sheet on a frame with as much irrigation hose as I could coil onto the surface I’ve added a diagram to show the piping clearly, and added a bit more description at the end of the article The whole thing is propped up with legs at more-or-less the optimal angle for my location, and pointing more-or-less south.

The inside of the frame was painted flat black, and the copper pipe brackets were painted flat black as well, after the thing was together. I put it on patio bricks this year to make it easier to mow around Click any of the small images for a full size in a new window. Side View Here is the ‘T’ off the pump. This is after the chlorinator, to hopefully keep the nastiness build-up in the hose away. I also added a ball valve in the line, which is super helpful in keeping the flow through the heater to a trickle.

This allows the water to get hotter in the pipe, and maintain some thermal mass. Note the lovely collapsible legs for easy winter storage

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Key Features Walk-around Center Console with upright rod storage insures freedom of movement when fighting fish. Twelve volt receptacle, courtesy lights, bilge pump and bow under-deck storage are just a few of the amenities of this “all-season” boat package. The three station side, rod holders keep your favorite rods and reefs safe and secure when not in use.

We ran all wires along the side of the boat with sealed heat shrink and metal connectors, with only one wire through the center floor, this one for the bilge pump located in the back of the boat. We decided to add the bilge pump as a safety factor.

By Kevin Falvey posted Apr 14th, at 8: For instance, smoothbore hose costs more but makes better use of pump power than corrugated hose. And the redundant safety provided by multiple pumps is hard to beat. Mount the pump Boating Magazine 1. Mount the Pump Install the backup pump above the primary pump but below the level of the cabin sole, batteries and other critical equipment.

You may need to build or buy a shelf or bulkhead-mount bracket. Install the switches Boating Magazine 2. Install the Switches Install the automatic switch in a fore-and-aft orientation and with its hinge forward. Doing so ensures that the switch does not cycle as a result of a pitching boat or water running aft. Install a dedicated control switch at the helm.

Plumb the hose with a “riser loop” Boating Magazine 3. Plumbing Plumb hose from the pump to a point at least 12 inches above the waterline and back down to the discharge fitting, which should itself be above the waterline.

How do I make a livewell in my boat? or can I buy one?

Great for those who duck hunt as well as fish. A beavertail blind will be sold with the boat. Get to your hunting spot and set up your blind in seconds. All lights are led. There are 4 collapsable cleats to tie the boat off with. There are also 4 front bar flood lights, interior red accent lights, running lights, livewell lights, aerrator for livewells, and a bilge pump.

Apr 09,  · Re: Best way to attach tow/ski line? Those kind of fittings, (that boomyal showed are great) I find that the best way to attach the rope is go feed the splice in the rope under the eyelet, and then go up and over the center hook, this provides more even wear on the rope and doesn’t let the rope fall when there is slack in the line.

At Chesapeake Light Craft, we receive a steady stream of kind words and photographs from boatbuilders across the country and around the world. You’ll find a small sampling of those comments below. If you have feedback of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to attach photos to your comments, email them to photos clcboats. We can be reached by phone at After a six month build, we launched our Shearwater Double yesterday.

The kayak, which took man-hours 67 work periods to complete, came in fully rigged at


On board the Cornelia Marie, last season’s greenhorn, Jake Harris, got a promotion to deckhand; the vessel’s new greenhorn is Joshua Harris, Jake’s older brother and Phil’s eldest son. The Maverick is now under Blake Painter’s control, and his crew is virtually all friends of his who are King-crab greenhorns, with only one experienced deck hand acting as Deck Boss. At the pre-season captains’ dinner, Johnathan Hillstrand proposed a derby-style competition between the boats: Fewest number of pots needed to pull , pounds of crab.

How bad is it to boat without a working bilge pump? Replacing a bilge pump is simple. Make sure it’s getting power with a multi meter or just buy a new one and hook up the wires just like the old one. Have you checked both? Is the boat kept on a trailer or in a slip. If in a slip a heavy rain could sink it without the pump. Is it bad.

Length 13’4″ Posted Over 1 Month For sale very rare great condition 13′ Wahoo F powerboat with Tohatsu 30 hp outboard motor with Helm steering and elect start and elect trim and tilt also bilge pump that has a rocker switch on dash comes with a great Shorelandr trailer. They are sold all over the world and have a great following.. Tongue weight is less then 10 pounds your wife or kid can hook this up!! This boat has been very lightly used and looks great..

Please take a good look at the photos this boat really is in great condition!!! Very Rare There are no other used Wahoo powerboats around for sale Plus room for Ice chest towels and fishing gear in a great little trunk for storage This awesome looking boat has all of the big time performance, reliability and quality of bigger racing style boats at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, this rugged little boat is a breeze to store, maintain and transport Comes with factory tool kit.. Bilge pump on rocker from dash.. Also included are 3 fenders for tying up to docks or friends.. Serious buyers only no free rides.

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If you are going to do any boating, jet skiing, fishing or other water activity make sure you have the life jacket that’s best suited for your activity. We will also give you a free fitting. The Basics of Turkey Hunting We want to help!

NFB Tilt single-cable systems are suitable for most single-station boats with a single non-power-assisted outboard or stern drive engines up to V-6 and minimal engine flutter or steering instability. Tilt accepts wheels up to 16” diameter.

Or do I need to put another skin fitting in? Depends to some extent on the type of pumps purplerobbie , One is an ultima with a built in level switch the other is a standard pump on a on an off switch. Type not make ; If diaphragm pumps , which will have outlet valves in them, probably no further action needed. If flexible vane pumps you may get a little back flow through the pump not in use unless you fit check valves.

If plain impeller pumps you will need check valves.

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The exact number is not known because there is no agency that keeps statistics. But just ask any marine insurance company and they will tell you that the number is far too high. In fact, sinking is the number one cause of major marine losses, and one of the primary reasons why marine insurance costs so much. This is a subject that most boat owners would probably dismiss as irrelevant. After all, you may reason, boats don’t sink very often wrong and that’s usually because some fool didn’t maintain his.

If you tend to think this way, I suggest that you read a little further.

G3 VBW This G3 VB Welded Jon Boat is powered by a Yamaha 50 hp with electric tilt and trim and only has 30 hours! G3’s offer the rugged reliability of gauge marine-grade aluminum, high-strength one piece heat-tempered extruded ribs, textured non-skid deck, reinforced corner and transom braces, stamped-in keels and bow eyes with durable enamel finish in desert brown.

Her owner completed a west-about circumnavigation between and Koonawarra has undergone a 10 year ground-up rebuild. New Zealand Kauri pine planking. Tasmanian Celery Top Pine ribs. Perkins diesel auxiliary engine. Burmese Teak sprung deck. Aries wind vane fitted. Wow that is a nice looking boat! August , we heard via Italian news that Tinka sank on her mooring in dock. Efforts were under way to recover her. It wont hurt her, she’s used to it. When I first inspected her she was underwater in Gosport, Portsmouth

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